Couple Injured In Train Accident

Young Man Loses His Life in Train Accident

A teenage girl was severely injured when she was hit by a freight train. She and her boyfriend were walking to a school dance when she and her boyfriend were hit. The girl is in critical condition and the young man died.

The spokesman for the Sutter Roseville Medical Center confirmed Mikayla Friend’s medical condition. She is only sixteen years old.

The tragic accident happened on Friday evening. It took place near the high school where there was a little league game being played.

The police investigators told the local news that the young couple was walking south on the tracks, which would have been in the same direction that the Union Pacific train was going. The teenagers were on their way to attend the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance.

Mickayla was airlifted to the hospital while the young man died at the scene of the accident. The investigators are looking into what could have cause the accident, they were seeing if the couple were distracted by headphones or maybe something else at the time of the accident.

The Union Pacific Railroad said that the two teens were “trespassers.” According to the report the conductor had sounded the train horn and had tried to stop, but it takes more than a mile to come to a stop.

The statement of the train accident read:

Our hearts go out to the friends and family of the two individuals involved in the accident. It is a stark reminder that railroad tracks are never a safe place to be.

Mickayla’s mother, Sandy told the local news that she believes that Mickayla’s boyfriend saved Mickayla’s life.

Sandy’s statement about the accident:

She had the love of a young man. He just sacrificed himself to save my daughter.

The baseball games at the nearby park resumed the following Sunday, however the game did start with a moment of silence for Mickayla and her boyfriend.

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