Deck Collapse Dangers: Your Rights and Safety Concerns Unveiled

Deck collapse liability. We all take for granted that a public facility, such as a deck at the local sports bar, is safe. It is common knowledge there are laws which govern the use of such facilities. We may have even noticed posted signs which limit the maximum number of persons allowed in a given area. The collapse of an outdoor deck at a popular bar and grill recently has renewed questions over the safety of such facilities and how much owners are concerned with patron safety.

In the case of a recent deck collapse in Florida, it was determined that once the plans for the construction of the deck was approved by a municipal planning department, mandatory follow-up inspections are not required. Premises, such as a deck, can be dangerous for many reasons; faulty design, poor construction or substandard building materials, or disregard for local ordinances.

When the back deck at a sports bar collapsed into the bay during a major sporting event, it was reported that dozens of people had been on the deck at the time and were sent into the waters of the causeway. Two people were left in serious condition by the incident and another 31 were injured. Twenty-four people had to be transported to hospital.

“There was just a crack, and then we were in the water,” a patron told a local newspaper. “It was really hard to get out, and you couldn’t find anyone.”

The restaurant lost power as the deck collapsed; rescue divers leapt into the water to search for patrons while two helicopters provided lights from above. A photo shared by a witness on Instagram showed people and patio furniture in the water.

Fortunately, bystanders rushed to the rescue. “According to witnesses, a lot of people jumped in to help,” a fire official said. “Those efforts can make a lot of difference sometimes.”

It is not yet known what caused the deck to collapse. The restaurant’s failure to limit the number of people on the deck may be a factor.

When asked, the owner of a local construction firm and who has built decks for homes and businesses for years, said, “There’s only so much load a structure can take, especially a wood structure.”

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