Conviction in Marine DUI Tragedy: Former Soldier Found Guilty

Marine DUI crash. Driving while under any kind of influence of drugs or alcohol is absolutely ridiculous. Not only do you endanger yourself, but you could hurt or kill others. This case is a prime example of what drinking and driving can do to you and those around you. It’s absolutely inexcusable and a Marine should have more pride than that.

On Wednesday, the Orange County jury convicted twenty seven year old man who was a former Marine. What was his crime? Driving while drunk. The Marine had a DUI and crashed his car, ending up killing three other Marines who were passengers in the vehicle.

The former Marine, Jared Ray Hale is going to face up to twelve years in prison for a felony count of “causing bodily injury while driving under the influence and causing bodily injury with a blood-alcohol count greater than 0.08%”. This is from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

This crash happened back before February 2012. Jared Hale as well as three other men were all posted at Camp Pendleton. The group had been drinking for hours at a local tavern, Hennessey’s Tavern which is in Dana Point, according to the prosecutors. All of the men then climbed into Jared’s Dodge Coupe vehicle around two o’clock in the morning. Hale was driving when they left the tavern. The was heading north on Golden Lantern Street. Prosecutors say that he then lost control of the coupe and drove over the center median, then crashed into a tree.

I know these guys are amazing and do some great things, they need to let off some steam sometimes, but this is just so sad. They could have called someone or a cab, anything was better than getting behind that wheel. Now this young man has to deal with the consequences for the rest of his life.

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